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Autoclave Bags

Chemotherapy Autoclave BagTufpak is the original manufacturer of Autoclave Bags to industry, with an established major relationship to all worldwide laboratory distributors. We continue today to be the largest private label manufacturer in this market. Our customers have challenged us to continually create products that are recognized as superior because bag failure cannot ever be tolerated. We are recognized for products that have been specifically engineered for use in critical Level 3 and 4 containment research labs.

Autoclavable Biohazard Bags have the biohazard symbol printed on them as well as usage instructions as required by OSHA for proper handling and personnel safety. Biohazard bags are Regulated by State and Federal Laws and determination of the right product for any application should first be reviewed by the facility Safety Officer. MSDS and Technical Data sheets are available by request only, for incorporating into written SOP’s by Safety Officers.

In all cases, proper containment of potentially hazardous infectious material requires the bags to meet various strength standards. Individual States regulate separately, resulting in a range of specifications. All States require a clearly stated need for the bag to resist a specified impact to reduce the likelihood of bursting. Some States go further, requiring a minimum resistance to tearing, so as to reduce likelihood of a puncture, propagating into a major opening.

Infectious waste can be rendered sterile with the use of high temperature steam for a pre-determined time period as gained in the use of commercial autoclaves. Such sterile waste is now more economical for transport and disposal. Our autoclavable biohazard bags clearly show when the bag has been processed through an autoclave cycle. Tufpak accomplishes this, at no added cost, by imprinting a hidden graphic message of compliance on the outside of each bag, which becomes visibly readable only after achieving proper autoclaving conditions of heat, steam and pressure. Our temperature indicator printed on all Biohazard Bags after exposure reads “Contents Have Been Autoclaved”.

Autoclave BagsInfectious waste can also be incinerated (before or after) as long as it is handled in bags meeting the strength specifications in related states. Those bags made only for incineration, will not survive the rigors of sterilization by autoclave. Incineration is under recent Federal Regulatory examination because of the possible atmospheric contamination of Dioxins from incineration by-products of polyvinyl chloride materials.

Tufpak manufactures three qualities of autoclavable biohazard bags:
  • High Density Polyethylene; autoclavable to 250°F (121°C); meets Impact and Tear Strength requirements for 48 States (excepting Florida and Pennsylvania) These bags are commonly used for reusable items, i.e. animal cages and other equipment.

  • SUPROP® Polypropylene; autoclavable to 285°F (141°C); meets Impact & Tear Strength requirements for 48 States (excepting Florida and Pennsylvania)

  • SUPROP® Hi-strength Polypropylene; autoclavable to 275°F (135°C); meets Impact and Tear Strength requirements** for ALL 50 United States. Additionally, this product group meets Federal DOT regulations for interstate transport of regulated waste.
The different qualities have related costs and some will pay no higher than they deem necessary or required, thus the reason for different quality. Sterility is achieved faster at 275°F than at 250°F.

** Many states do not have a specific tear resistance requirement, but Florida and Pennsylvania have tough, high tear strength resistance requirements at 480 grams in each film direction.

Tufpak is the only approved supplier meeting the stringent tear strength requirement of 480 grams for autoclavable polypropylene.

If you generate infectious hazardous waste, the small added cost of bags that meet all regulations seems miniscule as compared to the consequence of a spill and a regulatory action. Tufpak will supply the minimum level of compliance or a higher level of safety required by some agencies.

Contact us for your biohazard autoclave bag requirements.
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